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Artist Clae


Clae Eastgate was born in Nottinghamshire, UK in 1968. After leaving Birmingham School of Art and moving to London in the early 90’s Clae continued her own studies, moving to life drawing and painting having initially trained in sculpture. Largely self taught in painting, Clae began a career in portraiture around 2013. Initially working almost exclusively to commission, she now concentrates on specific projects collaborating  with other artists and institutions.  


“Portraiture is a challenging discipline and one that often evokes thoughts of tradition and history rather than contemporary art. The portrait, however, is as popular as ever, using all manner of media, it demands its existence more than ever before. 

For each portrait I look for those elements that must balance in harmony, a sometimes elusive proposition. While a desired outcome might be physical resemblance, as the artist I am looking for much more. It is only through the communication between sitter and  artist that this can be found. It  is  the story that generates the painting, not just capturing the physical characteristics but what is being invoked and communicated emotionally.  It is the story of these peoples lives that I come to know, collecting each element that will suspend that life in time. “

Clae lives/works between  London and Shropshire. She has taught on BA Fine Art courses, regular artist talks in schools, runs a mentoring programme for students and has regular studio and online workshops in portraiture and still life. More recently she has become the Art & Design for IGCSE and IA Level Course Manager for an international school. 

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