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" You have an outstanding energy and commitment for teaching, not to mention patience, all of which reflects your own passion for your technique and the desire to pass on that knowledge to others. Thank you." Lynette W, London workshop

"To draw you must close your eyes and sing" Pablo Picasso

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Painting still life is a fun and fascinating way to look at everyday objects around us. Things we may take for granted and perhaps no longer see... until we come to paint them. In these workshops sessions, we will be drawing and painting from simple still life set ups of ordinary things that can become less ordinary when we begin to look at them in different ways. 

I will guide you step by step covering the basics using simple drawing techniques to get you started before we begin exploring colour and putting paint on the canvas. We will play and experiment freely without pressure or expectation, enjoying paint and colour, exploring techniques and learning as we go in these small, friendly groups.
You don't need any experience to get started and if you do have some experience then these workshops are great for training and advancing your skills. Scroll down to see the next sessions. They are online and in person, day or evening sessions.

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Next workshop sessions

Evening sessions:
Wednesday 31st May, 7pm - 9:30pm
£30 per person

Day session: (tbc)  11am - 3pm
£48 per person

Click here for materials needed
Click here for technical guidance set up

in person

Next workshop sessions

Session: Dates coming soon
Session 2: date tbc April 
Session 3: date tbc May 

£56 per person
11am - 2:30pm

Click here for the materials you will need
Click here for technical guidance set up

If you don't have materials these can be purchased on the day for £12

Get a discount here on painting materials​

Getting into the creative zone is one of the best ways to take us out of our everyday mindset, helping reduce stress or anxiety that we may have and lifting our mood. Making art builds confidence, we discover the unexpected about ourselves and look at things differently. It's also good fun and a great way to build new friendships. 

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