Technical Requirements 


The online workshops take place using Zoom. To download the link please see below:

Note: if you are new to Zoom I recommend that you take a little time getting to know the app. Have a go at setting a meeting and a play around with how it works. Make sure you view Zoom from a desktop computer or a laptop. Smaller devices tend to be fiddly and unstable. You will also need to view what I am doing clearly.

Make sure your wifi connection is stable.

Some students use dual monitors - you can read about this on the Zoom website. The help pages are comprehensive and there are webinars/tutorials.

While I am there to help on the day of the workshop, I will be unable to spend time sorting out technical issues if you are not prepared.



During the class I will ask each student to send me updates of their work so we can chat 1-2-1. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to photograph your work with your mobile and send it to me using WhatsApp. This is my number for WhatsApp 07840 056206. Alternatively Dropbox or emailing the images is also fine.