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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Portraiture is a fascinating subject. It is intriguing how many different ways artists find to create a portrait.    There are no rules as to how we approach painting a portrait, however,  many find it a little scary knowing how or where to begin. These workshop sessions are ideal if you are seeking those first tentative steps, and if you do have experience, they are excellent for training and furthering your skills. Painting a portrait needn't be scary or intimidating but instead, fun, engaging and rewarding.

I will take you step by step right from the beginning in easy to learn exercises, simplifying what may have seemed a complex process. We'll cover the basics, working together in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere at your own speed. The groups are small so you'll get plenty of 1 on 1 guidance from me, exploring everything from how to draw a person to playing with colour using fun techniques and gathering handy tips along the way. Before you know it you will have painted your first portrait!

Scroll down for next workshop dates, they are online or in-person, day or evening sessions.

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Next sessions

Evening Session:
Dates tbc
£32 per person


Day session:Date tbc, 11am-4pm

£60 per person

£35 per person watch only

Material requirements for workshops click here

Technical requirements online set up click here


Next sessions
Session: May
Session: June

11am - 4:30pm

£70 per person

Venue: Vine Court Studio, Church Street, London W4 2PD

Material requirements for workshops click here

Easels, drawing boards, brushes, palettes(oil only), palette knives are at the studio. Paint & canvas for the session is available to purchase at the studio (£12)

Time zone GMT

Get a discount here on painting materials​

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