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" You have an outstanding energy and commitment for teaching, not to mention patience, all of which reflects your own passion for your technique and the desire to pass on that knowledge to others. Thank you." Lynette W, London workshop



A programme of workshops in drawing, oil colour/palette mixing and portrait painting. 

This programme of workshops teaches the fundamentals and beyond in painting the portrait. It will give you the tools to create a new practice or ongoing improvement in portrait painting and is for all levels.

The first of the workshops is drawing. In this workshop a technique for quickly assessing head positioning, angles and proportion is taught; while in the second half comparative measuring, mapping features and tonal values are looked at in greater depth. We then concentrate on drawing the model reference (high quality photographic image if online). One model reference is used for each programme of workshops in drawing, colour mixing and portrait painting, ensuring a solid understanding in making a portrait from start to finish. 

The second workshop is colour. This workshop teaches the basics of colour mixing using a limited palette (initially) building confidence in mixing colours for portraiture. It also covers exercises in creating colour palettes for all skin colours from very dark to light. The final exercise will be creating a system of colours and swatches for the model, ready for painting the portrait the following day. 

The final workshop is portrait painting. This is an all day session utilising all you have learnt or for those already experienced, a continuation of your practice. I give constant tutoring throughout all the workshops, covering technique, tonal work with colour, colour temperature, harmony, placement and different brushwork techniques.  I recommend attending the drawing and colour mixing workshop prior to the portrait painting workshop, treating the programme as a comprehensive course. This way the student becomes accustomed to the model having created drawings and colour work as well as a full understanding of creating  a portrait from start to finish. The workshops are small groups. They are relaxed and friendly but very focused. 

Although the online workshops are attended on Zoom, they are very ‘hands on’ - I work through each exercise with you, demonstrating beforehand and alongside, with continual one-to-one tuition throughout the workshop. There are advantages and of course some disadvantages with both online or physical workshops, these are minimal and either way is very beneficial to your practice as a painter. The number of students on the workshop are small. This ensures that everyone gets the proper focus and attention in order to benefit from the training. 

Next workshop dates for online & studio workshops


Drawing Workshop 27th May 11am - 3pm

Colour Workshop: 28th May 11am - 3pm

Portrait Painting Workshop: 29th May 11am - 4pm

Book all 3 27th May - 29th May 2022 (save £16)

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If you would like one to one sessions I offer these via zoom. These sessions are for those artists who would like mentoring and/or feedback in their practice. Sessions can be booked by the hour or as a programme of sessions over 6 months or a year. The sessions can be tailored to your needs and include feedback and guidance on your artwork, providing support and encouragement throughout your development. For those looking for longer term mentoring, a personalised programme will be designed to suit your development needs. 1-2-1 sessions are for all skill levels.

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BA Honours in Contemporary Portraiture. This is a full or part time BA course at the Art Academy teaching all aspects of portraiture. Click here for course details.

Self Portrait - Part time course on the Self Portrait Tuesdays: 19th April - 14th June 2022 (10:30am - 4:30pm). Details here