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" You have an outstanding energy and commitment for teaching, not to mention patience, all of which reflects your own passion for your technique and the desire to pass on that knowledge to others. Thank you." Lynette W, London workshop

Painting Portraits
Portrait drawing and painting workshops with Clae Eastgate
Portrait drawing and painting workshops with Clae Eastgate

This portrait workshop is an all day session covering the essentials and beyond in portrait painting and drawing. Learning the key basics in drawing and colour mixing while developing your practice further in mark making techniques, colour temperature, harmony and learning to work with composition and narrative, will set you on the path to becoming a competent painter

This approach and technique in painting portraits adopts a more instinctive and expressionist style. While striving for accurate drawing and likeness through practising proportion and angles, we look beyond just achieving a likeness of our subject. We approach narrative through composition, two essentials in making paintings that invite the viewer to respond to the possibilities of a deeper understanding of the subject. 

The workshop lasts for approx 6.5 hours (with a lunch break) and begins with drawing basics in response to the model or reference material (model image for online workshop which is sent to the students in advance of the workshop). From here we look at colour from basic colour mixing to understanding the importance of colour temperature and how we model with colour to create depth. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace. As there are varying degrees of experience, some may wish to spend more time practicing the drawing methods, while others may feel a need to give more focus to identifying colours and learning to mix well. Those with more experience and regular attenders of the workshop will go straight into painting the portrait. Either way, the workshop invites all levels of experience and beginners are welcome. I work with each student individually throughout the session, identifying and working on all the areas necessary to improve your technical skills, confidence and competence for painting portraits. 

Portraiture is a challenging discipline and for those starting on this challenging yet rewarding journey, will begin to understand that continuous practice and attending the workshops as and when they can will set a solid pathway to acquiring the skills they need to becoming a portrait painter. 

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Portrait drawing and painting workshops with Clae Eastgate


If you would like one to one sessions I offer these via zoom and occasionally in my London studio. These sessions are for those artists who would like mentoring and/or feedback in their practice. Sessions can be booked by the hour or as a programme of sessions over 6 months or a year. The sessions can be tailored to your needs and include feedback and guidance on your artwork, providing support and encouragement throughout your development. For those looking for longer term mentoring, a personalised programme will be designed to suit your development needs. 1-2-1 sessions are for all skill levels.

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Portrait drawing and painting workshops with Clae Eastgate