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Painting the Poets

A portrait artists response to contemporary voices in poetry

Painting the Poets is a unique project: a collection of painted portraits by Clae Eastgate that celebrates the lives and work of some of the UK's finest contemporary female  poets. 

Clae Eastgate is creating a legacy project documenting an unprecedented time in history where a growing cohort of women are making their voices heard through writing and performing poetry that brings fresh perspectives to contemporary issues and mores.

Gillian Poet Collection
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Clae Eastgate

About Clae

Clae Eastgate is a British artist with a focus on portraiture. She has created projects and commissions for private clients, collectors and institutions. Clae lives/works between London and Shropshire. She has taught on BA Fine Art courses, regular artist talks in schools, runs a mentoring programme for students and has regular studio and online workshops in portraiture and still life. More recently she has become the Art & Design for IGCSE and A Level Course Manager for an international school. 

Work and Collections

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Events & Exhibitions


The Modern Portrait: This Portraiture Painting Masterclass takes a less traditional approach to making a portrait while still delivering solid starting points such as proportions/angles, values and palette mixing. It explores ideas and approaches from a more instinctive response to the subject, balancing the realistic representation with the interpretive/symbolic.

Art Academy London

Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August 2024


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