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Materials You Will Need

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Below is a selection of materials you will need. It is a comprehensive list, you don't need to have everything. A board propped up on a table for instance can serve just as well for a table easel.

Materials for Online Sessions

Oil or Acrylic colours 
Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow (or hue), Cadmium Red (hue), Ultramarine Blue, Paynes Grey - these are the basic colours, you may wish to have other colours including greens, violet etc. 

Palette - having  one large or 2 palettes works best

Primed canvas - you can buy this on the roll (eg ebay) and cut into sheets or use a ready to use oil pad.  The canvas sizes can be variable depending whether you're painting portraits or still life. Try not to go any smaller than 12" x 10" canvas for still life and a 16" x 20" for portrait painting. 

Sketch pad - for drawing, plus pencils, charcoal and rubber

Board - to tape canvas onto (if doing portraits and using loose canvas sheets.

Tape - to tape canvas to board if using primed sheets

Easel - you can sit or stand at the easel or have a table easel. 

Brushes - long flats are preferable. Sizes 8 , 10 & 12 (or a selection of different shapes sizes)

Palette knife for mixing the paint.

Rags or paper towels - lots
Brush cleaner and any medium you prefer


Discount Art Materials from Jacksons Art

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