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Feedback on Your Work

As practising artists whether beginner, amateur or professional, we all need feedback on the artwork we create. We tend to spend many hours working alone and the one thing we sometimes need is a 'fresh pair of eyes' to look at our work - constructive feedback. 

I teach a lot, all ages and levels and I am continually asked for feedback. While I am not teaching I am still happy to receive images people send me and I am now offering a more in-depth and professional critical eye on your artwork. This covers 3 levels: Lite general, Full feedback and Live online feedback sessions. 

Within these levels I will be covering: Intention - understanding your thought process, ideas and composition; basic drawing and layout; colour scheme - palette mixing; value and dynamism; overall harmony and impact. All with suggestions, exercises and useful tips going forwards.

If you'd like to move forward in your practice, it pays to have good constructive feedback rather than becoming frustrated and stuck. 


Here are the 3 levels of feedback and how they work:


Lite general: £25

Written (via email or WhatsApp) general feedback covering composition, drawing, value, colour and suggested next moves. 


Full feedback; £48

Written detailed response (via email) covering drawing technique, colour and compositional layout with suggested use of palette mixing and colour harmony, mark making techniques, addressing any overall issues and next moves.


Live online feedback session: £68 - 1 hour  (£12 per extra 15 minutes)

Interactive detailed feedback online with annotation over images of your work. Discussion about composition, intent, colour theory and mixing, checking drawing and reworking, suggestions and direction.

GCSE, IGCSE and A Level students!

If you are needing guidance on your portfolio components, constructive feedback on your artwork, flow of theme and portfolio presentation to a high standard, please sign up here and receive and introductory price to regular online 1-2-1's to see you through to submission and grading well. 

Email me with any questions you have prior to booking or go ahead and book here

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