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You have an outstanding energy and commitment for teaching, not to mention patience, all of which reflects your own passion for your technique and the desire to pass on that knowledge to others. Thank you." Lynette W, London workshop

“Clae is an inspiring teacher. I've attended classes with a number of other teachers but returned to her portrait painting classes and workshops over the years because of the gentle, almost meditative, approach that she brings to a very complex task. It is difficult to pin down what about her way of looking at colour, and at faces, makes these lessons as exciting as they are! She is also incredibly generous with all kinds of practical advice about materials that would otherwise take so much effort to discover on one's own. I would wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anyone who loves (looking at) people!”

Begum, London January 2021 online workshops

Art Academy London 2022

Student feedback


Self portrait Clae Eastgate. Really fantastic course which taught me so much about refining a palate, creating shapes using tone, temperature and colour and getting over the fear of using too much paint. Clae creates a really calm and safe space in which to explore self portraiture.


Self portraits with Clae Eastgate This was a really excellent course. Clae had clearly put a lot of thought into the progression of the course and we learnt a range of techniques, while also being given the flexibility to pursue our own interests. Clae went to a great deal of trouble to give every student a lot of individual attention and was encouraging, patient and kind, and has a good sense of humour. I learnt a great deal and enjoyed it very much.


The tutor for Self Portrait gave us a print out of the altered course details, and generally talked to the group at the end of each class about what we were doing the following week/s.


Self Portrait - an excellent module. Produced a lot of work - some of which I am pleased with. Clae is an excellent tutor.


Self portrait Clae Eastman A very free sensitively held space. It was like an open studio with advise or help if needed. Some structured exercises at the beginning were also interesting/ helpful. I feel I maybe should have painted a close up portrait and got more of Claes teaching in managing this. Other people did this, I think I might have avoided it!

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"What an outstanding artist and teacher Clae is. I have lifelong love of art and as a big fan of Claes work I felt honoured to be taught by such a talented lady. Claes skill in explaining and demonstrating colour theory and the use of a very limited palette of colours and the incredible array of harmonious colours that can be achieved is pure alchemy. I came away from my online weekend workshop feeling that I had truly learnt some valuable lessons in portraiture, from the initial drawing of the head , colour mixing , which was great fun and then finally the portrait itself. I feel that it has given me the skill and tools to be able to produce a realistic interpretation of a subject. It was a small intimate class consisting of Clae , myself and two others.. The planning and preparation by Clae was second to none.

I can’t recommend the workshop highly enough”.

C Fallows , UK. January 2021 Online workshops

“With everything going on in the world I decided it would be fun to challenge myself with a new pursuit when I came across Clae on Instagram. I knew her work was beyond impressive, but being talented, and having the ability to translate and share techniques for others to enjoy the pleasures of drawing and painting, was a pleasant surprise. My expectation was to occupy my brain with anything other than current world issues (btw, I live in DC so it’s been an interesting 4 years;) ), but what I experienced was far more than a “distraction”. Clae is as gifted an instructor as an artist.  It was clear from the beginning that Clae is invested in the experience of each participant. The workshops are small, so the individualized instruction was as valuable as private lessons.Although the workshop was on Zoom, it was as if we were physically in the same room. Clae is encouraging, focused and organized ... the time FLEW. I am excited about participating in future workshops and plan to make "creating art" something I continue to enjoy for years to come….it’s addicting, especially when I went from barely being able to draw a circle to drawing a portrait.  Super cool, and I can’t recommend these workshops more highly!”

Nickie J, Washington DC January 2021 Online workshops


“Clae, A note to say thank you for a great couple of days…just what i wanted! You run a very professional course, relaxed but yet covering a good amount of ground . And happily us beginner folk can co-exist alongside more advanced artists. As an aside I think zoom is not a bad medium for art lessons….great to see you doing your own work!!”

Paul. London February 2021 Online workshops

"You exceeded all my expectations for what I could learn about drawing a portrait in the 2 hour class. I’m not sure how to explain it to potential students, except to say that you are that rare teacher who can get new ideas across very effectively, challenging students to begin to master a difficult skill quickly, but is also friendly and encouraging. You clearly have put time and effort your method of teaching the head. I’ve had a year of workshops, many of them with excellent teachers, but this felt the most like a small group in person class out of any of them.”

Meg, Santa Barbara 2021 Online Drawing Workshop

“You are really great at teaching and this is even harder on line however you made it look so easy and the ability you provided for our feed back was really appreciated. I go in the studio and often wish I had a mentor and today I felt I had one.”

Sandra, UK 2021 Online workshops

"I’ve been going to Clae’s workshops regularly, both in presence and via zoom and it really helps me progress. Each session reveals a new aspect to look at and improve on, be it colour, shape or expression The sessions are intense and fun, and I highly recommend them!"

Sophie AW, Liverpool, January 2021 online workshops

“Thanks for the enlightening workshop today. It was good to learn a general technique which makes starting the drawing of a portrait so much easier and less intimidating. Getting to a decent first pass after 45 minutes was wonderful!”

Dahlia R, California 2020 Online Drawing Workshop

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“What a fantastic workshop! We asked Clae to come to our workplace to run a 2 day portrait painting workshop for our team of 6 as a bit of different challenge for us and to learn something new. We are all quite experienced artists in a slightly different field and wanted to learn more about painting portraits in 2D on canvas. Clae was such an excellent tutor, she is so talented, but also has such a wonderful and calming manner, which really put our group at ease and enabled us to relax and enjoy our course, with all elements and processes explained clearly and with such a clear love for colour and painting.

Clae brought along all the necessary materials we needed and the most lovely life model for us to paint who also added to the fun of workshop.

I would highly recommend a bespoke workshop with Clae to anybody! We all thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to book another in the future! Thank you from all of us here at MMM Studios”

Madam Tussauds Workshop, Merlin Entertainments, London June 2019

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“The workshop was well structured with clear demonstration of the value of light and shade and how this benefits showing depth within a portrait. 

We were shown how to use charcoal to gain an understanding of this whilst looking at the sitter. The oil paint mixing demonstration made the process easy to follow and an enjoyable. 

This is the first oil painting workshop that I have attended and I came away excited at having learned so much and wanting to do more. I hope that I will be able to attend more workshops with Clae as she was an excellent teacher and encouraging throughout. I have to say that the sitter was also amazing. “

Kay S. July 2019, Kensington workshop, London

“I just want to mention how calming and free you felt within the class, Clae is a wonderful teacher and leaves you feeling completely unjudged and open to paint however you feel.”

Sophie C Jun 2019 Madam Tussauds workshop, London

Dear Cass Art Kensington team,

“I am writing to thank you and the tutors for the workshops you organised for the K&C Arts weekend at the end of June.

It was a great opportunity for getting to know the various media and techniques and to learn new things from experienced and talented artists.Although the elements of wind and sun proved challenging (maybe that is something to better prepare for next time), I found the workshops very enjoyable and enlightening.

Clae Eastgate was extremely knowledgeable and I especially appreciated her session's preparations: getting a male model and having pre-prepared canvasses set up on large easels. It was hugely satisfying to have managed to create a portrait by the end to take home.”

Mate V. KCAW, Holland Park, London June 2019

Hi Clae,

Great workshop last Sunday.I found very helpful, the free brushwork, preparation of the pallet, and colour temperature.

Regards, Denis. 

Denis C. Islington workshop, London Dec 2018

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